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The design phase of your new home is the single most important aspect of its creation. Our approach is to work with you to create a design that meets your needs and desires while incorporating classic proportions and styles with modern design and amenities.

This cooperative design process takes, on average, around six months. That time enables us to gain insight into your specific requirements as well as the possibilities of your building site, resulting in a smoother, more efficient building phase, and a potential savings of thousands of dollars in materials, wasted details, and superfluous spaces.

Right now, the average American home is increasing in size – and costing more per square foot to build. Our solution? We take each project from concept through construction while maximizing efficiency of spaces and materials, working with you through every phase of the process.
No one floor plan or home design will fit every buyer or building site. All too often, people attempt to force a design onto a building site without regard to its setting. The house you build should fit you, your lifestyle, and the surrounding environment. That’s where we come in.

Combining the ruggedness of American mountain architecture, the permanence of European design, the formality and crispness of New England style, and the casual comfort of the Pacific Northwest – while incorporating the advances of modern technology – our homes offer a unique blend of convenience and luxury. More important, yours will be a home you can be proud of.